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Dhanurasana | Bow posture by yoga teacher Caroline Klebl

Dhanurasana, bow pose is part of the backbend sequence of the second series of ashtanga yoga. It is practiced after shalabasana, locust pose and bhekasana, the frog pose. It is followed by parshva dhanurasana, side bow pose, ustrasana, camel pose, laghu vajrasana, the small thunderbolt pose , kapotasana, pigeon pose and supta vajrasana, reclining thunderbolt pose.
From downward facing dog, on the exhale shift the torso forward into chaturanga dandasana, the four limbed staff pose. Place the torso on the floor. Bend the knees and reach the arms back to take hold of the shins below the ankles. Inhale raise the feet, by pressing the legs back into the hands and raising the chest. Keep the feet together and point the toes. Tilt the head back, reach the chin up and look up into the forehead. Remain in dhanurasana for five deep breaths. Release the arms and legs, place the hands on the floor underneath the shoulders. Inhale into urdhva mukha shvanasana, upward facing dog. Exhale adho mukha shvanasana. Practice dhanurasana often and enjoy the bow pose!

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