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Reignite Your Yoga Practice In The Fall

Reignite Your Yoga Practice in the Fall

Autumn is a wonderful time to begin or deepen your yoga practice. As the weather cools down yoga is a delightful alternative to outdoor activities. As the daylight hours reduce in length, autumn is conducive to turning your awareness inward and experiencing the benefits of yoga practice. By resting your awareness on the breath, yoga practice calms the mind, reduces stress and cultivates Santosha, a content state of mind. By relaxing the body into yoga postures, the nervous system is strengthened and purified, which leads to improved energy during the day and deep, restful sleep at night. Yoga is known to promote health and longevity and leads to spiritual realization. It is best to practice yoga on a daily basis, but adding yoga to your schedule two to three times a week, can have lasting effects on your body and mind throughout your week. You can either attend public yoga classes or practice along to yoga videos at home.

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