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Ashtanga Yoga Retreats with Caroline Klebl

Unwind, connect, and feel renewed on our incredible Ashtanga Yoga Retreats


Ashtanga yoga is one of the most intensive, challenging, yet rewarding forms of practice, focused on breathwork, muscle development, balance, and coordination, in addition to spiritual and mental growth.


Caroline Klebl has designed exclusive Ashtanga yoga retreats focused on helping aspiring yoga teachers at all practice levels delve into an intense, immersive experience. These Ashtanga yoga retreats help push yoga students out of their comfort zone and train them in yogic principles and practice, allowing them to complete their required yoga teacher training hours through specialized training.


Our Ashtanga yoga retreats focus on helping participants connect their mind, body, and soul while simultaneously teaching them core principles of Ashtanga yoga, including its core Asanas and Vinyasa, along with pranayama and meditation. Our Ashtanga yoga retreats aim to prepare yogis to become yoga professionals and lead classes with confidence, develop correct knowledge of yoga and a comprehensive understanding of what the practice entails. Get started today!


Ashtanga yoga instructor, Caroline Klebl has been teaching yoga workshops, yoga teacher trainings and Ashtanga yoga retreats in beautiful destinations around the world since 2002. To view her current teaching schedule visit SCHEDULE

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