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Caroline Klebl offers a comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training program and yoga retreats to yoga teachers, aspiring teachers, and all levels of yoga practitioners. Her Yoga Teacher Training combines high standards of Yoga Asana Practice with the development of teaching skills, which are necessary to introduce students to Yoga practice safely and effectively. This Yoga Teacher Training is registered with the Yoga Alliance and surpasses their 200 and 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training International Certification standards. Beginners are welcome to attend the 200-hour Yoga Training Programs.

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Practice Recommendation

In order to prepare for the course, please practice Yoga Asana, preferably Ashtanga Yoga, three to six times a week.

Course Content

The focus of this 200-hour yoga course is the practice and method of teaching the Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. The Primary Series includes over 70 asanas(postures), linked sequentially by Vinyasa(breath-initiated movements between the asanas). The intensive teacher training course begins with detailed instruction in the practice of the Primary Series and then continues with a morning Mysore style or Led Primary Series class for the remainder of the course. The Intermediate Series is taught on an individual basis to those students who have completed the postures of the Primary Series yoga training.

The ability to give adjustments and assist students in deepening their postures and practice is developed throughout the yoga teacher training course. The Sanskrit names of the postures are introduced, and how to teach an Ashtanga Yoga Led class effectively is evaluated in detail. The benefits of the specific sequencing and the principles of Vinyasa(the movements between postures), Ujjayi Pranayama(the sound-induced breath), Drishti(the looking place in each posture), and Bandhas(the three locks or seals) are included as essential elements of the practice and teaching of Ashtanga Yoga. The importance of encouraging students to continue with regular practice and preparing them for Mysore style is emphasized throughout the yoga teacher training course. Basic yoga philosophy, including the translation and chanting of the Yoga Sutras as well as the Anatomy most relevant to yoga practice, is introduced. The course also includes an introduction to Ayurveda and instruction in Meditation. Maintaining a vegetarian diet and a lifestyle that is conducive to yoga practice is encouraged throughout the course. Each participant has the opportunity to teach, assist and give adjustments. This Yoga Teacher Training explores the depth of the Ashtanga Vinyasa practice by revealing its teaching techniques.

Topics Include

  • Practice of the Postures of the Primary Series
  • The principles of Vinyasa, Drishti, Bandhas, and Ujjayi Pranayama
  • Teaching Techniques and Adjustments
  • Assisting and Supervised teaching
  • The Anatomy of the Postures of the Primary Series
  • Introduction to Ayurveda
  • Meditation and Meditation Instruction
  • Chanting and Philosophy of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras

Daily Schedule

  • Mysore style or Led Primary Series Asana Class
  • Teaching skills workshop
  • Philosophy, Anatomy, Ayurveda, Meditation & Chanting

Advanced 500-hour Yoga Certification

Those who have completed the 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training are encouraged to complete the 500-hour yoga teacher training program, in order to improve their teaching skills and practice of the asanas of the Primary Series as well as learn the Asanas of the Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Yoga. The Intermediate series is taught on an individual basis, within the Mysore style classes of the Yoga Teacher Training. Those who have completed 200 hours will receive the 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Instructor Certification by completing six weeks or 300 additional hours of training, by attending any of the scheduled Yoga Teacher Training courses or yoga teacher training retreats.

Caroline Klebl offers Yoga Teacher Training courses which fulfill and surpass the 200 and 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training standards of the Yoga Alliance. Her Yoga Teacher Training courses are open to all levels of yoga practitioners who wish to deepen their practice and understanding of Ashtanga Yoga. The Yoga Teacher Training Certificate, with which one can register with the Yoga Alliance as a 200-RYT or 500-RYT, is issued at the end of the course. Graduates can teach Yoga anywhere in the world after completing their yoga instructor certification.


Online Yoga Teacher Training


Join us for a journey of a lifetime in the practice of Ashtanga yoga, yoga philosophy, meditation, ayurveda, anatomy, yoga nidra and restorative asana practice. Become yoga certified on our premiere online yoga instructor training. Our online yoga certification course is filmed in Bel Air, Los Angeles, CA during one of Caroline Klebl’s yoga teacher training courses. Feel as if you’re attending one of our yoga teacher training courses immersed in a pleasant event space in Bel Air with other aspiring yoga instructors, yoga practitioners and yoga teachers. Caroline Klebl’s online yoga teacher training carefully guides each student into the practice of the primary series of Ashtanga yoga and its teaching techniques. Transform your body and mind and learn to teach yoga. For additional information please  visit Yoga Teacher Training Online

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I understand each posture and how my body is supposed to feel in them much better. I learned a lot about adjustments, which I had no idea how to do before this.

– Dana Yeminy, New York, USA

An amazing way to become connected with people all around the world and delve into a structured yoga practice daily, while learning so much about the mind and body. I gained a greater understanding of yoga in general especially Ashtanga and a huge interest in Ayurveda and overall well being.

– Chelsey Cutright, Los Angeles, USA

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