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  • Ashtanga Yoga DVD by Caroline Klebl

    Primary and Intermediate Series

    Caroline Klebl’s Instructional Yoga DVD includes detailed instruction in the practice of the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga, as taught by her Guru in Mysore, India, Sri K Pattabhi Jois. This Yoga DVD includes the Ashtanga Yoga Mantra, which is traditionally chanted prior to the practice and the Sanskrit names of over 70 Yoga Postures. Caroline Klebl’s Yoga DVD is the perfect practice companion for those who are not able to attend a yoga class on a daily basis. By practicing along to this Yoga DVD, one can learn the practice of the Primary Series, in the traditional manner, starting with the Sun Salutations, then continuing with the standing postures, the seated postures and completing the practice with the finishing sequence. This Yoga DVD is available on

    Caroline Klebl’s Ashtanga Yoga DVD features two audio tracks, an instructional track and a classical Indian instrumental music track, which features the bansuri (flute) and the tabla (drums). The video was filmed in a serene outdoor setting in Kerala, India. This instructional Yoga video is designed to help all levels of Yoga practitioners easily develop a yoga practice at home. Viewers can experience the over 70 Yoga asanas (yoga postures) that are unique to the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga. The video begins with two types of Sun Salutations, or energizing series of Yoga postures, which are linked by vinyasa (breath initiated movements). The practice continues with a set of standing asanas, which stretch and strengthen all of the major muscle groups. The standing asanas are followed by a sequence of seated postures, focusing then on opening the hips, knees, ankles and lower back and strengthening the arms, shoulders and abdominals. This specific sequence of seated postures is designed to purify the internal organs and eliminate disease. The seated sequence is then followed by back bends, which stretch the upper back and shoulders. A set of finishing postures strengthen and calm down the nervous system before the Yoga practice is concluded with seated Pranayama (breathing exercises) and a deep relaxation. The Sanskrit names of the asanas are presented with each posture.

  • Ashtanga Yoga Book by Caroline Klebl

    Primary and Intermediate Series

    Caroline Klebl’s book on Ashtanga Yoga includes 125 photographs and detailed instruction in the postures of the Primary and Intermediate Series of Ashtanga Yoga. This Yoga Book is an essential guide to the practice of hundreds of Yoga postures. The Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Book by Caroline Klebl is available on

    The Ashtanga Yoga Book by Caroline Klebl is an inspirational guide to the practice of hundreds of Yoga Postures. Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic practice of Yoga postures, which are connected by Vinyasa or breath initiated movements, which link one posture to the next. Ashtanga Yoga quickly builds strength, increases flexibility and improves cardiovascular fitness. The practice of Ashtanga Yoga eliminates disease, strengthens the body, mind and sense organs, induces a deeply meditative state and creates a clear connection between the individual and universal self. This method was imparted by Vamana Rishi in the Yoga Korunta, a sacred ancient text and has been passed down in disciplic succession for thousands of years. This method consists of a Primary, Intermediate and Advanced series of Yoga postures and a Pranayama (breath control) sequence. In this book, Caroline Klebl describes the method of practice of the Primary and Intermediate Series. The Primary Series is referred to as Yoga Chikitsa or Yoga Therapy and is designed to strengthen the body and eliminate disease. The Intermediate Series is called Nadi Shodhana or the cleansing of the subtle energy channels, which underlie the physical form. The Primary and Intermediate series of Yoga postures must be practiced for many years, before the Advanced postures and Pranayama sequence can be practiced effectively.

  • Free Practice Sheets

    Free Primary and Intermediate Series Practice Sheet Downloads

    The practice sheets contain photos and Sanskrit names of the postures of the Primary and Intermediate Series.

    Primary Series Practice Sheet

    Intermediate Series Practice Sheet