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Bakasana | Crow posture by Caroline Klebl

Bakasana, crow posture by ashtanga yoga instructor Caroline Klebl. This posture is practiced in the second series of ashtanga yoga. Bakasana is practiced and held for five to ten breaths two times. The crow posture is entered in two different ways, with two different vinyasa. The first vinyasa consists of hoping forward between the hands from the downward facing dog posture, placing the knees at the top of the upper arms and then lifting the feet with touching pointed toes and straightening the arms and looking up into the forehead. Remain in Bakasana for five deep breaths. Then hop back into chaturanga dandasana, the four limbed staff posture. Inhale urdhva mukha shvanasana, upward facing dog pose, exhale adho mukha shvanasana, downward facing dog pose. Then enter Bakasana the second time, by hoping directly into the pose from downward dog. At the end of the exhale hop forward into the crow pose, without touching the feet to the floor. Inhale lift the hips and straighten the arms and look up into the forhead. Breathe deeply for five breaths. Then exhale hop back into chaturanga dandasana. Enjoy the crow posture!

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