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Gomukhasana | Cow's mouth posture by yoga teacher Caroline Klebl

Gomukhasana, cow’s mouth posture by ashtanga yoga teacher Caroline Klebl. This posture is part of the second series of ashtanga yoga. To enter this pose hop forward onto the crossed knees from downward facing dog pose, starting with the right thigh on top of the left. Then raise your right arm and drop your right hand behind your back between the shoulders. Reach your left arm back and up and clasp your fingers between the shoulders. Look up. Breathe deeply in Gomukhasana for 5 breaths. Then release the hands place the plams of the hands on the floor on either side of the knees and hop the feet back into chaturanga dandasana, the four limbed staff posture. Inhale urdhva mukha shvanasana, exhale adho mukha shvanasana. Then enter gomukhasana, cow’s mouth pose on the left side. Breath deeply for 5 breaths. Enjoy gomukhasana, cow’s mouth pose!

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