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Yoga Magazine October 2018

On the cover of the Oct 2018 Yoga magazine. This issue features my article on the benefits of ashtanga yoga. A digital version of the issue is available here

Viranchyasana by Caroline Klebl practice instructions. The asana on the cover of the Yoga magazine is Viranchyasana. This yoga posture is dedicated to Viranchi, the creator god. Viranchi is one of the names of Brahman. Viranchyasana is practiced in the 3rd series of Ashtanga Yoga. Enter this asana, from a seated position with the legs straight. Draw the right foot in towards the public bone, with the ball of the foot down and heel up and knee down pointing to the right. Lift the torso up and reach the heel forward down to the floor, keeping the right foot flexed and sit on the right foot. Then place the left leg into ardha padmasana, half lotus pose. Reach the left arm behind the back and encircle the left big toe, with the thumb and first two fingers of the left hand. Place the right hand underneath the left knee with the fingers pointing to the left foot. Twist deeply to the left and look to the left. Breathe deeply for 5 breaths. Release the pose and practice Viranchyasana twisting to the right. Enjoy Viranchyasana!

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