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Yoga Euphoria

Yoga Euphoria, a feature length documentary, will delve deeply into the sacred tradition of yoga, by exploring the history and nature of this spiritual practice, which has come to flourish in our current culture. Scenes of hundreds of yoga postures will be showcased in exotic locations, augmented by traditional Indian Ragas. Infused with inspiring interviews with professional athletes, actors, models and musicians, who practice yoga as well as experts in the field, Yoga Euphoria will elucidate the extraordinary impact yoga has on the practitioner.

Yoga is the foundation of spiritual growth. It encompasses various aspects of life, which are to be enhanced and transcended. Any given moment is an opportunity to experience life to the fullest. Internal growth mirrors external achievements. As yoga practice is cultivated the human mind reaches a state of fulfillment. With this in mind ancient seers established the practices of yoga. These practices included meditation, breathing exercises and yoga postures. These three enabled the practitioner to transcend suffering. Over time the success of these practices flourished and more and more people adopted them. Today, hundreds of millions of people practice yoga. There are over 700 unique yoga poses and countless breathing techniques. To this day the ancient practices have been passed down from guru to disciple.

For countess decades yoga has been practiced in the west. When the British traveled to India for spices and silk, scholars began to translate the ancient texts on yoga. The Bhagavad Gita, known as the song of God was translated and distributed all over the world. The teachings of karma, reincarnation and enlightenment flooded the world. The western mind was challenged by new concepts and spiritual truths. To this day the Bhagavad Gita is widely distributed and read in the west. The Yoga Sutras were translated by one scholar after the next. The teachings of meditation, breathing exercises and yoga postures were brought to light. Practitioners of yoga postures opened their doors to travelers in India and taught them the techniques of hatha yoga.

Asana practice infiltrated the west. Thousands of yoga practitioners traveled to India to learn the ancient techniques and improve their yoga practice. To this day students of yoga take pilgrimages to India to discover the benefits of yoga practice. Various sequences of yoga postures have spread to the west. Each sequence uncovers the delicate light, which underlies the human form. A sequence of yoga poses possesses the ability for the practitioner to attain to Samadhi. Samadhi is the boundless state of consciousness, which draws the practitioner into the inner realm. From here all states of consciousness can be achieved and suffering is eliminated. This state is endless and supreme. For, now is the time to discover the meaning of yoga. It is the time to set inner peace free to permeate society. Inner peace can be felt in every cell of your being and inner peace can be felt between all beings. Yoga is the way to eliminate suffering, yoga is the way to improve human existence.